Acts of deceit and hypocrisy are debuted in this timeless tale of a con-artist who stealthily wriggles his way into the lives of an innocent and unsuspecting family. Through the use of character groupings and line, color, and texture, the nefarious acts of deceit and blind ignorance bestowed throughout this play are exhibited through the costumes. The three major groupings include: The villain (Tartuffe), the blinded by ignorance (Orgon, Madame Pernelle), and the awakened by truth (Elmire, Dorine, Mariane, Valere, Damis, Cleante). Tartuffe’s line reflects a bold silhouette, black with red accents for color to hint at his hoodwinking, and sleek, polished textures. The ignorant grouping presents a bulky silhouette, neutral toned colors, and rough, dull textures to display their uptight outlook on life. The awakened grouping demonstrates their open-minded and upbeat personalities through the use of pastel pinks, violets, and blues, a creampuff quality to silhouette, and softer and shinier textures.


In addition to the costume renderings, accessories accompanying five selected characters have been rendered as well. With  aforementioned distinctions between each grouping, the accessories designed for this production follow these rules, but are carefully styled to enhance the costumes’ objective.