Pippin is a coming of age story in terms of finding one’s self through extraordinary adventures. Showcasing the legendary Bob Fosse’s exuberant dance styles was the predominating factor in the director and design team’s concept, ultimately paying homage to his legacy. I wanted my costumes to reflect this while also telling the story of a young man paving his way through adulthood. Each scene reflects a phase of life Pippin experiences, and I wanted to highlight each scene with specific costumes to reflect the tone and mood of the story at hand. Along with this, each character grouping illustrates a range of dramatic identities all of which Pippin encounters along his journeys. The appearance of characters that Pippin encounters within this highly stylized musical are unified by contemporary dance silhouettes with bold figure-revealing lines, vivid colors, and slick textures, all following a cool to warm color palette gradually leading up to the greatly anticipated fiery finale. Ultimately, my costumes enriched the performers’ strikingly articulate dance moves, while underscoring the wit and panache of Fosse’s bold vision, even as Pippin’s essential authentic spirit and appearance remains constant throughout.