Executive Producers: Kemari Bryant & Michael Newman
Production Coordinator: Madison Lynn Parrish

Assistant Production Coordinator: Kiahana Toomer 
Production Design: Taja Seafas
Costume Design: Jacquelyn Whiteside 
Hair & Makeup: Karla Hernandez-Gonzalez
Audio Technician: Suzy Allen
Producer: Cameron Linly Robinson

Original Music: Demeanor 
Production Company: Adynaton Productions 

*Hawthorne is an ongoing series and this page will be updated as each episode is released* 


"After a young woman's emotional trauma creates a tear in the time-space continuum, the citizens of Hawthorne explore love, loss, and reality bends around them. An ensemble of characters go through their mundane lives as the extraterrestrial seems to slowly reveal itself to them. How will these characters respond to this change? The different characters that inhabit this world are quickly waking up to the realities that they face, and will soon find out that their stories are more intertwined than they could have ever imagined." - Kemari Bryant 

Overview of characters 


The following images are a collection of promotional images, as well as images I snapped while on set. These will give an idea of how I visually represented each character grouping by distinctly setting them apart  from each other.