Societal obligations and self-sacrificial deeds within a highly matriarchal society are explored throughout this heart-wrenching tragedy. Through the use of line, color, and texture and character groupings, emphasis on duty and matriarchal authority are exhibited. Throughout the play there are two major character groupings consisting of: the exuberant Nigerians and the relentless Brits. The Nigerian characters reflect a secondary color system comprising hues of oranges, violets, and greens which express their lively nature. Textures consist of flat cottons with various African patterns, and line mirrors 1940’s Yoruba silhouette. The Brits appear in neutrals as a means of presenting their austere Western attitudes with standard cotton uniforms or swanky, polished textures, accompanied by 1940’s Western tailored silhouettes. Olunde also appears in a Western suit, coming home intending to grieve over his father’s sacrifice.          

For this class assignment in my advanced costume design class, I explored the use of watercolor to create effective and well-read designs.